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Storage of Documents in Safe Custody

Dawes & Vary Riordan maintain a system for safe custody document retention where clients can confidentially store wills, certificates of title, trust deeds, binding agreements mortgage documents and other important legal documents.

Safe custody documents are stored in a secure environment with appropriate protections in place to minimise the risk of damage, destruction or theft. These documents are managed through a long established and up to date Safe Custody Register that records the depositing, retrieval and release of safe custody documents.This incorporates a due diligence system where we must be satisfied that proof of identification or authorities are appropriately verified prior to the release of safe custody documents. As a result, should a client require access to a safe custody document this can be retrieved with confidence or a document previously released can be traced with ease.

We continue to hold the safe custody documents of the following firms that have been previously merged with Dawes & Vary Riordan:

  • Riordan Legal
  • Dawes & Vary
  • Felthams Lawyers
  • Brian Keogh
  • Mitchell, McKenzie & Co
  • Pam Davies

In addition to providing a system for secure and safe custody of important legal documents, Dawes Vary Riordan also securely and confidentially retain documents relating to your engagement with us until at least seven years after completion or termination of an engagement.