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Property, Planning & Construction

Helping you to achieve your Goals

Our large and experienced team at Dawes & Vary Riordan aim to deal with your property matter in an efficient and stress-free manner. We pride ourselves on helping you to achieve your goals – be it buying your first home, expanding your farming property, or conducting a major development project – and appreciate when you trust us to represent and advise you in what may be the most significant investment that you make during your lifetime.

Our Property Law Team

Our Property Law staff includes Directors, Solicitors, qualified Legal Executives, senior Law Clerks and experienced Legal Assistants. Our team has a reputation for working hard to get the best result, and for developing long standing relationships with their clients.

We recognise that a property transaction is not merely a “conveyance”, and acknowledge that every transaction necessarily requires careful consideration and appropriate advice. Our team has the experience to deal with the complexities that your property transaction may involve, ranging from Goods and Services Tax to Water Entitlements associated with rural properties.

Over the years, our experienced team has developed excellent business relationships with other local professionals, such as Real Estate Agents, Accountants and Surveyors, which allows us to ensure that you are properly advised of all aspects of your property matters.

Our Services

Our Property Law services include:

  • Residential (buying, selling or leasing)
  • Commercial (buying, selling or leasing)
  • Farm/Rural (buying, selling or leasing)
  • Water
  • Subdivisions
  • Property Development
  • Easements and other Property matters
  • Stamp Duty and Government Grants
  • Business Structure, Succession (Farm/Business) and Asset Protection Advice

Services in Victoria and New South Wales

We are also one of few Goulburn Valley law firms who are able to handle both Victorian and New South Wales property matters on your behalf.

Dawes & Vary Riordan are members of Australia's online property exchange network Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) and regularly conduct electronic conveyancing matters.