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Dawes & Vary Riordan is a boutique criminal law practice with a dynamic team of dedicated and experienced lawyers with broad expertise in all aspects of criminal law.

There is a considerable power imbalance between the resources the State can bring to bear in a criminal prosecution and the resources of the individual and your lawyer can significantly redress this imbalance.

We will advise and appear for you in relation to bail applications, driving, including drink driving, speeding and licence matters, intervention order, assault, drug and firearm matters.

We pride ourselves on customer service above and beyond what is expected and in obtaining the best possible result for you.

Our criminal lawyers go to Court with you. We appear in all criminal jurisdictions in Victoria, including the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts.

We provide strategic advice regarding Police investigations designed to avoid a potential criminal prosecution.

Where charges have been filed, we seek detailed instructions, assess the strength of the Police case and provide detailed advice as to whether or not:

  1. the charges are made out;
  2. there is a defence;
  3. the Police summary has been embellished and there is a need to amend the Police summary;
  4. the charges may be dropped or lesser charges substituted;
  5. to fight the charges in Court; and
  6. if necessary, preparation and delivery of a plea in mitigation.

We provide strategic advice at each stage of the proceeding, your legal options and any associated risks.

We utilise a range of additional expert advice, including expert witnesses and barristers as your case demands.

We are cognisant that the rights of the individual are enshrined in the Magna Carta.