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Banking & Finance

The area of Mortgages is a wide ranging practice and Dawes & Vary Riordan is involved in all of these areas including:

  • Preparing mortgage documents between private parties. This means securing monies between private individuals (not banks) and formalising the terms of any loan;
  • Drafting Mortgage documents for lending institutions including banks and other finance companies;
  • Providing advice to borrowers with regard to loan documents and their obligations under their mortgages;
  • Recovery matters assisting both borrowers and lenders in of defaults under mortgages;

Having been recognised as a leader in Water Law, the firm is working for several major banks to advise mortgagees in possession of water entitlements and their ability to realise the best price and arrangements for the sale of water.

Importantly, the majority of work being undertaken by Dawes & Vary Riordan is in providing advice to individuals relating to their personal guarantee of loan amounts either for friends, business associates or family. Most financial institutions require borrowers to obtain independent advice with regard to guarantees, a service that Dawes & Vary Riordan provides.

The Commercial team has members in all offices to assist clients.